Privacy Notice

MSD Animal Health (“MSD”) process personal data under this Privacy Notice and in accordance with applicable legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679; the “GDPR”) and other applicable national data protection laws in Ireland. This notice describes how we process personal data in connection with: Protect Our Future Too Website. What data is collected and for which purpose on this website? The user is requested to provide their name, email address & pet type in order to receive information about seasonal change effects on pets and other relevant content for pet’s health and care. The Name is used to personalise the greetings in the email, the email address is used to send the email with relevant information, and the pet type is used to send information concerning cats/dogs or both to make the information more relevant to the user. Additionally, post code / eir code data is requested when the user looks for a vet using the find a vet application. In that case, the post code / eir code is transferred to the MSD find a vet service, and the user is redirected there to see the list of vets within the specific post code / eir code. A post code / eir code is also requested in the browser where it is used to identify the temperature & weather characteristics at the geographical location of the user at that specific time. This information is used to provide elevant tips on how to take care of the pet in those specific circumstances. Cookies: Please, refer to the cookies panel in the website for cookies options & legal information. How is the data processed? Data is processed within the website backend (for the find a vet & browser applications) and within a CRM tool in order to send the specific communications to the users who chose to subscribe to receive relevant information about seasonal changes effects on pets and other information regarding pet’s health & care. MSD has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to keep your personal data secure to ensure that only authorised persons are given access to the personal data. We also have internal policies in place for secure processing of personal data. For further information please visit